Off-Chain Treasury Governance

This form of governance is used requisition funds from the Treasury Multisig

Requirements & Settings

As with the on-chain governance process the Treasury has the following requirements to ensure the validity of the votes:

  • Proposal threshold: 100,000 ESD for the vote to show on the platform
  • Vote length: A vote should last for at least 2 days
  • Minimum Quorum: at present there is no minimum quorum

How to submit an off-chain proposal

Below are the steps most proposal go through to ensure that the community is informed about the changes and will consider the proposal:

  1. Create a post on the Empty Set Community Forum following the structure of previous TIP posts on the forum.
  2. Share the post with the discord and telegram communities
  3. Once you have received feedback, go to the Treasury governance platform and submit the proposal
  4. Inform the discord & telegram community of the new proposal.
  5. After a successful vote, contact one of the Treasury's multi-sig signers to action the transactions listed in the proposal.